Today’s Freebie is quite apt…..

Posted in Kits by Linda Lloyd

If you look around you all the trees are losing their leaves and so today’s little bare tree is pretty realistic of what it is like outside… I hope you like it, if you download, please leave me a comment as to whether you are liking the kit or not….

If you don’t want the bare tree you can always size down some of the leaves that were giveaways last week and hang them from the branches…. lol.  Has anyone made anything from this kit yet?  If so I would love to see your work….

Today I am going to make some cards, I have some birthday ones that need doing, it is my little boy’s 9th birthday next week, guess I had better sort out his present too otherwise he won’t be getting anything… at least I know what he wants.  I also have an awesome idea for a card from him, I have already downloaded some of the files from Silhouette, just need to cut out and put together…. I also think I have the exact right Echo Park paper to use…. don’t you just love that Echo Park ‘do digital’…..

Had an awesome time in church last night, everyone had to give their testimonies and as no one knew they were going to have to do it and couldn’t arrange it in advance it was brilliant….. very moving.

Anyway, daughter will be here to pick me up in a minute…. see you all tomorrow, take care xx

All but the last freebie made and uploaded… RESULT

Posted in Kits by Linda Lloyd

Yes you will be pleased to know that there really will be one freebie a day for the whole month of November as all but the last one are made and uploaded so I can now move on to something else…. I am really pleased with the kit and I think it will be awesome when altogether, so do keep checking back here every day until 30 November.

Todays you can find here…. it is a bow and I have used it for several things already…. probably one of the neatest bows I have ever tied too…. lol

I have had my eye on the Cameo Silhouette for about 6 weeks or more and was very tempted to go to the NECC in Birmingham a few weeks ago just to see one (not to buy one of course… lol), but I wasn’t sure how much different it would be to my normal size silhouette which I tend to use for all my cutting now.  It sat in the cupboard for about 3 years, then last Christmas I won a $25 download card for their store and so dug out the silhouette again so I could download the designs and cut them, and it has been my favourite since, the only thing that bothers me is that it doesn’t quite cut out the thickness of card I use and if I do 2 cuts it never lines up properly, so I have to stick to bigger designs which are easier to finish cutting out.  Some friends have recently bought the cameo and they say it cuts much thicker card aswell as being a proper 12″ cut and so that sold it for me.  About 3 weeks ago whilst in Tesco buying my boys some cards for Christmas to give to their friends I saw some Christmas Cards that I wanted to make.  They were black and gold…. gold glitter card with a black overlay of christmas ornaments, Merry Christmas and snowflakes and I thought they would be easy to make on my silhouette, but then reality sunk in and I realised that my machine would not cut my black card as nicely as that and it would take lots of time to finish the cutting out.  When I heard about the cameo the other day I realised it would be so easy to make these cards….. unfortunately DH wasn’t so impressed with my idea and despite very big, you cannot ignore these, hints he thinks I should wait until Christmas for it…. even when I photoshopped this picture this morning and sent it to him via email, he chose to ignore it and hasn’t even mentioned the picture….

So I guess I will have to wait or sell some of my stuff to buy it now…… If any of you have anything to say about the machine either good or bad please leave me a comment…. thank you.

Don’t forget to call back tomorrow for another freebie giveaway… take care everyone…


Exactly halfway through and I have been working on finishing the rest of the freebies….

Posted in Kits by Linda Lloyd

Yep, I am working hard at finishing the freebies and there is some good stuff to come that I have spent ages on,  I have 6 more things to complete and then it will be done and I can start working on my Christmas Cards and Kits…..  has anyone actually finished all their Christmas Stuff yet?  If you have a big congratulations on being so organised…  the tumble dryer has broken today so instead of ordering more Christmas presents tonight DH is going to have to look at the tumble dryer…. think it is the dog hair that has done it though….

Last night everything went by the wayside too as we snuck off out to the cinema to watch The Awakening, now I  knew it was scary but it wasn’t as scary as I had thought, infact I really enjoyed it, it was a Victorian Ghost Story…..

As for today’s freebie, it is here, another patterned paper for your collection, but there is still more to come, just trying to space it out with the elements…..

I don’t think any set is complete without some stripy paper….. a must have for me…. hope you like it.  Will be back tomorrow with another freebie, although it is all done and packaged I cannot remember what it is off the top of my head, so you will have to wait and see…..

Have a great day, the sun is out here although it is still cold….

Take Care

Day 14 already, are you ready for another freebie?

Posted in Kits by Linda Lloyd

Yes it is day 14 already, where is this month going? I am gradually getting around to buying more Christmas Presents but at the moment I am not trying really hard. Will have to sit down with DH this week and get buying as he has the money, I have the ideas….. perfect team eh?

As promised, here is a photo of the snowing Christmas Tree, sorry it is a bit blurry but I think this is mainly because the snow is snowing and the photo was only taken on a phone, so nothing spectacular there…. but I hope you get the idea.

Todays freebie is some string, it comes in 2 colours so you can choose which one you want to use, or why not use both…..  hope you like it….

Tomorrows offering will be some more Patterned Paper, so don’t forget to check back then…. have a great day


Woohoo, did it and no one ran away……. and Day 13’s giveaway freebie…..

Posted in Kits by Linda Lloyd

Hello, yes I preached and no one ran out of the church screaming or anything so I must have done something right (not that anyone has before but you never know)….. not even my 3 videos of roller coasters frightened people off….. lol.  And incase you are wondering about roller coasters and my preach I will tell you.  I preached about our fear of doing things and how most of the time our fear is irrational so we need to look to God who promised he would be with us always, and if God is for us who can be against us as God has already defeated Satan and no one is more powerful than God….. I felt that the really big hill at the beginning of the SAW roller coaster was a good example of the hills of fear that sometimes paralyse us from doing things, and that if we overcome that fear the things that follow are normally really good….

Anyway, on to today’s freebie… today it is a Journalling Tag, and there is plenty of room for any journalling you might want to do…. hope you like it…

I did see the snowing christmas tree yesterday and I have a photo of it but it is a bit blurry and needs some work doing to it so will post it tomorrow…. has definitely gone up in price this year though so won’t be buying one of those…. I did see some gorgeous decorations though, I wish I had the time and patience to make my whole house Christmassy, but although the mind is willing my body isn’t…. lol.

Check back tomorrow for another freebie, see you all then.

Linda xx

Super Saturday…. what to do after posting this freebie…..

Posted in Kits by Linda Lloyd

Not sure what to do today, haven’t got too much money with Christmas coming but cannot do Christmas shopping with 3 boys in tow, plus I do most of it online anyway….. am expecting a nice little strokeable parcel maybe today or Monday, just a little 6 x 6 pad which I thought I would treat myself too, sometimes I miss “real” making and I do need to get my Christmas Cards under way, plus daughter wants some Thank you cards and all I ever do is spend my time on my computer, so come Monday all that is going to change (ha ha maybe if I can get myself motivated)…. I have a plan!! And as I am a Life Coach you would think that I, at least, could make a workable plan….. we shall see.  So my plan for today is to go to Sainsbury’s as someone I know says they have a sale on…. I just love looking at their home stuff for inspiration, so I can try and persuade myself that is why I am going there, plus we have a shop called The Range, now yes, I know they have craft stuff there, but I do also like to look at the Christmas Decorations and try and persuade myself why they would be any good in my house and then come home with nothing, which is what I did last year.  They did have the cutest Christmas Tree last year though, it snowed….. can you believe it a snowing tree, if they have it today I will take a photo and post it on here, I think it would even make a good layout if I can discipline myself to make good layouts again… lol

Anyway enough waffle, I know you are all waiting for todays giveaway, so up to day 12 today, almost halfway through can you believe…. and today is…(hang on, just gotta check as I have forgotten… lol)…  aaah yes, some cute little brads…..

There is one for each of the colours of the kit so they should be very useable…. hope you like them, I have some in “real life” that look just like that, just different colours…..

I am getting a bit nervous now as I am preaching in church tomorrow….. I have written my sermon, collected a video and photo to show and now I need to make sure the laptop and iPad are charged so I can use them, plus I guess I need to transfer the stuff from my iMac to my MacBook too….. will ask DH to do that later for me so I know it is done right (and if it isn’t I have someone else to blame…. lol).

Guess I should now get off of here and go and get ready to go out…. see you all tomorrow, have a great day today…

Linda xx

Well what do you know, two posts in one day but this one isn’t a Freebie….

Posted in Kits by Linda Lloyd

If you are looking for todays’s freebie, please click the date in the sidebar on the right to take you back a post or click here….

Just thought I would give you the heads up of a new kit that has just arrived in my store, it is called Part of the Family and has 5 Papers, Elements and a Full Alphabet which includes Upper and Lower Case Letters, Punctuation and Numbers, the alphabet is worth the $2 on its own, it is a lovely turquoise glitter and the upper case has a little added flower too…. here is the preview…. just click on the preview to find this item in my shop.

I hope you like it…  It is available now and anyone who buys something from my shop, however small between now and 20th December will receive a little Christmas Present from me just before Christmas….. hows that for an incentive.

Have a great weekend, take care

Linda xx

Its started, Christmas is on its way and don’t forget the Digi Giveaway/Freebie

Posted in Kits by Linda Lloyd

Yes I really think it has started…. the countdown to Christmas.  This month is just going by so very very fast and so yesterday I decided that it was about time I made a Christmas Shopping list, so I don’t think I have forgotten anyone and I have something written down for everyone…. now for the hard part, finding the money to buy it all….. ha ha.  My 10 year old has asked for a drum set but I am thinking the neighbours will not appreciate that, these are the same neighbours that came round one Christmas and asked us to stop laughing so loudly as it was 11.30pm…… so a drum set…. nah, don’t even think about it.  Plus it takes up tons of room that we don’t have.  We do have a set of drum pads here and they make enough noise on that so I told him that if he learned to play them properly then we would consider a drum set at a later date…. might have to sort out the garage for them!!  The 8 year old wants a bike so that shouldn’t be too difficult and the 15 year old wants money to buy a more expensive bike than I would buy him so that is easy too, so not doing too badly so far….

So today’s freebie is something a bit different, I have put together a splatter.  You can use this to add a bit of extra interest to your layout, spin it, reflect it, copy it and use it…

I hope you like it, its the first time I have made one so I would be interested in what you thought of it…. Don’t forget I am giving away a freebie a day so check back over the weekend too for some more, I cannot promise they will always be posted early but I can promise they will be there…. and don’t worry, I am not running out of ideas, I have a working plan and have each day filled.

Have a great day and see you all tomorrow.

Take care, Linda xx

Day 10 Freebie and some photographs…

Posted in Kits by Linda Lloyd

Yes as promised I have some photographs of my cupcakes….. I now think I need to practise my piping as I always do the same design as it is so easy, I have some really good piping nozzles but really need a decent piping bag or 2, plus some flat nozzles, anyway, any excuse to make more cupcakes soon…. ha ha.  So here are the pics…

The top photo is of a cherry cupcake, it has cherry jam swirled into the cupcake mixture and then it also has more cherry jam in the frosting too, and I must admit it does taste really really nice even if the piping is only average, it also has slivers of almonds baked into the top of the cupcake making it like a cherry bake well type cupcake. The little flower on top I made using my new flower cutter…. will have to look into colouring though as when I mixed the red and blue together I ended up with brown….. it should have been purple…. lol

The second one is chocolate, and boy is it chocolate, I haven’t actually tasted one of these yet but the feedback definitely says very very chocolatey….. it has melted chocolate and cocoa powder in the cupcake mix and more cocoa powder in the frosting, and you can see the tiny silver stars I bought yesterday for sprinkling….

And tonight is quiz night….. that is all I am going to say on the matter so as not to bore you but I will let you know how we did tomorrow…. might even put a few lyrics on here and see who knows the songs without googling them….. I always find this the most difficult round.

Now to todays freebie, today we have some buttons…. I have done 1 of each of the colours of the kit so they should match nicely, so there are 5 separate files today…. hope you like them….

I have something a bit different tomorrow as the giveaway so don’t forget to check back then…. cannot believe how fast this week has gone and we are nearly halfway through November already…..

Have a great day, take care

Linda xx

Cooking cupcakes from my new book + Digital Freebie

Posted in Kits by Linda Lloyd

Oooooh I am late today, that is because I have been cooking since noon today and it is now 4.30pm, but I have cooked cherry cupcakes with cherry icing, glitter and flowers on the top and a chocolate cupcake with the most yummy chocolate topping with little silver stars, not sure if I will ever be able to get rid of them from my worktop, they seem to have gotten everywhere…. so I will post a photograph tomorrow of them, will photograph them before I go out (hopefully I will remember) as they are for our group at church tonight… wasn’t going to make any but I got a new cupcake book called Cupcakes with Lola and some of them are so absolutely lush, I love the sound of the baileys one too, might just have to treat myself for christmas….. mwah ha ha ha.

So today I have another freebie for you, the ninth freebie, and I have a few already sorted out to post in the next couple of days too, trying to be prepared as I still have to write my sermon for Sunday….. so here is today’s owl paper….

Tomorrow there will be more elements so keep an eye out for it.

I went to Hobbycraft this morning and bought some Christmas presents for the boys and the silver stars and a flower shape cutter which I used on the cupcakes, only reason I made them was to use my new purchases….. ha ha, how sad am I…

Hope to be back earlier tomorrow… cya then

Linda xx











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