Echo Park Competition

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The competition winner was announced but it wasn’t me….. not that I ever expected to win, I was just so thrilled to have got into the top 10.  The winners kit was wonderful, just the sort of kit I would expect from Echo Park.

So just to let you see what my kit looked like….. I will be turning it into a digital kit as soon as I can and it will be for sale in my shop.


As you can see it has 5 papers, I sheet of journalling blocks and a sheet of stickers.  I hope you like it.

Have a great evening. xx

Thank You.

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A big thank you to everyone who voted for me in the Echo Park Digital Designer Competition.  I have reached the Top 10 Designs.

Been away for a while….

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Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t been around for a long time in December I became ill and ever since then the doctors have been trying to find out what is wrong with me, they now think it is ME. My brain is often a fuddled mess and it takes a bit to concentrate, but thankfully, I am on a regime of natural remedies and am starting to feel a bit better so am trying to become more motivated.

I have been making a few things, I am trying to do something positive each day and things are starting to look a bit brighter for me. I have been taking photographs of my makes and will get around to putting some on here. Some are just blatant copies of other peoples work as sometimes that is the best I can do, but other things are all my own work!!

I have recently entered a digital scrapbooking design competition over on Jessica Sprague’s website and have made it through to the semi-final (which I think is quite an achievement already). The winner will have their design professionally printed and turned into a proper kit.

However if I am to go any further in the competition I need people to vote for my design – which is where you, my friends, can help. If you can spare just a few seconds of your time to register for the forum and vote for my design I would really, really appreciate it. You can find a link to my design here:

And if you can get your friends to vote for me, that would be very cool ;) Thanks for your help!

Thank Goodness it is the Weekend……

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Well it has been quite a struggle to get back into the swing of things after our extended Christmas Break, DH always takes 2 weeks off at Christmas (as opposed to Summer Holidays) and we spend all our time out visiting various places and looking at various Christmas things.

One of the things we did this Christmas was after visiting the Museum of Childhood was to walk along the Southbank visiting the German Christmas Market, very magical and Christmassy it was too, and me and the two younger boys all got new hats….



The photo I have of me in a hat isn’t the hat I bought so you will have to make do with just the boys….. lets just say my hat has a very very long tail coming from the top and is stripy….. lol.

We also had churros with cinnamon and chocolate sauce but didn’t want to eat too much as we had another treat in store.  We walked to The Strand and had a drink in the Costa Coffee above Waterstones Bookshop and whilst we were in there we saw Michael Gove the Education Minister browsing for presents….   From Waterstones we walked to Covent Garden and watched some buskers and had a stroll around the market.  Then we had a meal in the Battersea Pie Shop (which is in Covent Garden) of pie and mash as we thought the boys would eat that without too much protest, but the Paella they were selling outside of the shop did look very very yummy, so thinking another trip back there soon wouldn’t go amiss….. When everyone was full, we looked around a few more shops, particularly the Doc Marten shop for me and DH asked me which boots I liked the best, I picked a pair, totally unaware that he had already bought those particular boots for me for Christmas and they were sitting under the boys bed…… luckily for him too that I picked that pair and not a different pair of boots.  Now the best was yet to come and we took the 3 boys to the Theatre, first time they had been to a theatre other than to see a Pantomime, and we saw The Woman in Black, very scary.  Me and DH had seen it before (in fact DH says he has seen it 5 times now and he still jumped).  The audience kept jumping and screaming and it seems a tradition that we take the boys to something scary every Christmas, definitely not intentional, we had only booked the theatre at midnight the night before, but they did enjoy it very much and eldest son says he is studying that book in his English and will be going to the theatre again to see it with the school….. methinks he should get some really good marks in his exam then.

We then went home with some very tired boys and had a great sleep in the next morning…… more on our Christmas later…. have a great weekend, take care. xx

Happy Thursday, is it windy where you are?

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It is very very windy here, not looking forward to the school run this afternoon. Luckily in the morning I stop outside the school and the boys jump out, but in the afternoon I have to go and collect them from their classrooms….. so glad I never bothered to do my hair properly this morning!!

I am still working on the new Valentine Digi Kit and it is all on target to be released next week…. but for now I thought I would show you a couple of photos I took whilst we were out and about before Christmas..

This photo was taken at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnel Green, London, I had a great time showing the boys all the toys I had when I was a child, and my 9 year old son loved the dolls houses.

And this one is all of us trying to squeeze onto a high backed and sided chair….. good job DH was taking the photographs there was definitely no room for him.

Right, off now to brave the elements, its also our pub quiz tonight, not sure how well we will do as one of our team members is missing this week, come to think of it I think we did our worst ever last week when we came 7th….. must have been the lethargy that follows Christmas I guess…. see you all tomorrow for a few more photographs….

Take care xx

I am back…… Happy New Year and 50% of at Digital Monsoon

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Hi everyone, I am sorry I have been absent for so  long, I was so busy with Christmas, having 10 children and also grandchildren means I have tons to buy and we also like to spend time over Christmas having days out, I would rather create memories with my children than buy them needless presents which get broken within weeks…. so that was what we did.  More on that tomorrow.

For today I thought I would show you the cards that I sent this Christmas, I very nearly didn’t make them myself as time was passing so quickly but I  know that some people look forward to my cards each year and I didn’t feel that I could disappoint them…. so here are 3 of the cards I sent….

And you know what, I cannot find the photograph of the third one….. which is a shame as it was very difficult to photograph as it had a glitter background.  If I come across it I will put it up later.  This year I really do intend to make 5 Christmas Cards a month ready for Christmas…. (yeah right!!).

So I am busily working on a new digi kit to be released next week, about time too, have been really slack and I have missed the designing bit, just wish Santa had brought me more hours in the day…. lol.

And a little bonus for you all, there is 50% off over my entire store until Sunday Night, so check it out and stock up for the new year and all the photos you have to scrap now that the holidays are over.

See you tomorrow…


Long Time No See……..

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Yes, I know, life has taken over, or should I say Christmas has taken over……. despite all my brilliant resolutions of making so many Christmas Cards each month so I would be prepared at Christmas, it just didn’t happen and so here I am, over a week into Christmas and I need to make Christmas Cards…… so unfortunately my blog has taken second place….. I do have loads to share, not so much new stuff as that is also on hold until Christmas is sorted….. but yesterday I went to see my little Grandson in his Nativity Play, he looked so cute, and a bit shocked as he wondered why I was calling him….. he was an angel….

Although he may look like an angel, he isn’t always…… lol, but he was very good in his Nativity Play…..

I have also added a new Paper Digital Kit to my shop, there are five papers in the set and they are a Damask Design, and they would be excellent for Christmas as they are in Christmassy Colours…..

You can find them in my shop here…

Hope to see you all back again tomorrow, I have some photographs to share with you….

See you then xx


Yes, it will soon be Christmas…. last day of freebie

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Yes, tomorrow you start opening your advent calendars and the countdown to Christmas begins…. just think, in a months time it will all be over and you will be looking forward to the New Year…. lol

So here is today’s freebie, its a bit special like promised….. its a WHOLE alphabet

Hope you like it….

Well yesterday and today I have been using my tumble dryer like mad…. boy have I missed it, and sod’s law it is nice and sunny out today so washing would probably have dried, unlike yesterday when the weather was dull and rainy.  Today my boys are off school due to a teachers strike so it is definitely a nice day for them to play out with their friends which makes a change as normally during the school holidays it rains most of the time….

Tomorrow I am releasing a new Digital Paper Kit, just a small one but I really like it so don’t forget to check back then to see what I have for you….

Take care and have a great day…. xx


Day 29 Freebie…. what am I going to do..

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When I have to think up original blog post titles again…….

I thought after posting my post yesterday that maybe you thought my little boy always looked muddy like that, so I am posting a photo today of him with his brother and dad, and he is definitely looking decidedly smarter….. lol

He is the smallest one and his hair was a lot shorter then too….. it is also shorter now…. lol

So today is day 29, nearly nearly there…. am busy putting all the freebies together to make up a kit at the moment….. todays freebie is a patterned paper….  there is something a bit special tomorrow as it is the last day so check back then, and don’t forget I will be removing all free links 48 hours after the last post….

After being told last Friday that my tumble dryer man wouldn’t be around to fix it until this Friday, there was a change of heart and he came round today, he has been sent from Devon (which is around 200 miles at least from here) for the week to cover for the man who is off sick…. and he has fixed everything, and whilst he was looking, just an offhand comment I made, made him look at my condenser part of the dryer which he said is warped and he will get a new one sent out to me, so really I have had nearly a whole new tumble dryer today apart from some of the outer casing….. can’t be bad, and it is working fine as I had washing lined up ready to dry….. ha ha

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow…. see you all then xx

Day 28, and my little boys birthday…..

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Well he isn’t quite so little anymore, he is 9 today and he wanted a DS game for his birthday so that is what we got him…. after a quick play before school he said… it is a bit difficult….. lol.  I am sure he will soon get the hang of it…. before school I asked him if there was anything special he would like cooked for dinner tonight as I always try to cook their favourite meal for them on their birthday, and he first of all asked for steak and chips, then changed his mind to McDonalds and then again to burger and chips, or should I have chicken nuggets and chips, for thankfully with a bit of help from his 10 year old brother he changed his mind yet again to steak and chips with onion rings please…. so that is what we have.  I also got him a birthday cake, they don’t really like those cakes that are themed and are jam and sugar filled, we tend to buy a gateau or something like that, but I found a Mississipi Mud Pie and thought he would love that…. maybe I should show you the photo of him in the summer after he had finished digging and watering my neighbours garden….

I’m not sure those clothes were ever the same after that…….

So today is day 28 freebie, 2 more left after today….. today I have got an overlay for you….. it doesn’t show up really well on the preview as I faded it out a bit, but download it and see what you think….

Actually you can hardly see it at all on here but it is much deeper in real life, I probably faded that out by at least 50%…..  you know the score, if you have missed any click on the calendar on the right hand toolbar to bring up the blog post of the day you have missed…. only 2 days left and I will be removing all free links 48 hours after my last post…..

See you all tomorrow, have a great day….

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