Thank Goodness it is the Weekend……

Posted in Life by Linda Lloyd

Well it has been quite a struggle to get back into the swing of things after our extended Christmas Break, DH always takes 2 weeks off at Christmas (as opposed to Summer Holidays) and we spend all our time out visiting various places and looking at various Christmas things.

One of the things we did this Christmas was after visiting the Museum of Childhood was to walk along the Southbank visiting the German Christmas Market, very magical and Christmassy it was too, and me and the two younger boys all got new hats….



The photo I have of me in a hat isn’t the hat I bought so you will have to make do with just the boys….. lets just say my hat has a very very long tail coming from the top and is stripy….. lol.

We also had churros with cinnamon and chocolate sauce but didn’t want to eat too much as we had another treat in store.  We walked to The Strand and had a drink in the Costa Coffee above Waterstones Bookshop and whilst we were in there we saw Michael Gove the Education Minister browsing for presents….   From Waterstones we walked to Covent Garden and watched some buskers and had a stroll around the market.  Then we had a meal in the Battersea Pie Shop (which is in Covent Garden) of pie and mash as we thought the boys would eat that without too much protest, but the Paella they were selling outside of the shop did look very very yummy, so thinking another trip back there soon wouldn’t go amiss….. When everyone was full, we looked around a few more shops, particularly the Doc Marten shop for me and DH asked me which boots I liked the best, I picked a pair, totally unaware that he had already bought those particular boots for me for Christmas and they were sitting under the boys bed…… luckily for him too that I picked that pair and not a different pair of boots.  Now the best was yet to come and we took the 3 boys to the Theatre, first time they had been to a theatre other than to see a Pantomime, and we saw The Woman in Black, very scary.  Me and DH had seen it before (in fact DH says he has seen it 5 times now and he still jumped).  The audience kept jumping and screaming and it seems a tradition that we take the boys to something scary every Christmas, definitely not intentional, we had only booked the theatre at midnight the night before, but they did enjoy it very much and eldest son says he is studying that book in his English and will be going to the theatre again to see it with the school….. methinks he should get some really good marks in his exam then.

We then went home with some very tired boys and had a great sleep in the next morning…… more on our Christmas later…. have a great weekend, take care. xx

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