Yes, it will soon be Christmas…. last day of freebie

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Yes, tomorrow you start opening your advent calendars and the countdown to Christmas begins…. just think, in a months time it will all be over and you will be looking forward to the New Year…. lol

So here is today’s freebie, its a bit special like promised….. its a WHOLE alphabet

Hope you like it….

Well yesterday and today I have been using my tumble dryer like mad…. boy have I missed it, and sod’s law it is nice and sunny out today so washing would probably have dried, unlike yesterday when the weather was dull and rainy.  Today my boys are off school due to a teachers strike so it is definitely a nice day for them to play out with their friends which makes a change as normally during the school holidays it rains most of the time….

Tomorrow I am releasing a new Digital Paper Kit, just a small one but I really like it so don’t forget to check back then to see what I have for you….

Take care and have a great day…. xx


Day 28, and my little boys birthday…..

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Well he isn’t quite so little anymore, he is 9 today and he wanted a DS game for his birthday so that is what we got him…. after a quick play before school he said… it is a bit difficult….. lol.  I am sure he will soon get the hang of it…. before school I asked him if there was anything special he would like cooked for dinner tonight as I always try to cook their favourite meal for them on their birthday, and he first of all asked for steak and chips, then changed his mind to McDonalds and then again to burger and chips, or should I have chicken nuggets and chips, for thankfully with a bit of help from his 10 year old brother he changed his mind yet again to steak and chips with onion rings please…. so that is what we have.  I also got him a birthday cake, they don’t really like those cakes that are themed and are jam and sugar filled, we tend to buy a gateau or something like that, but I found a Mississipi Mud Pie and thought he would love that…. maybe I should show you the photo of him in the summer after he had finished digging and watering my neighbours garden….

I’m not sure those clothes were ever the same after that…….

So today is day 28 freebie, 2 more left after today….. today I have got an overlay for you….. it doesn’t show up really well on the preview as I faded it out a bit, but download it and see what you think….

Actually you can hardly see it at all on here but it is much deeper in real life, I probably faded that out by at least 50%…..  you know the score, if you have missed any click on the calendar on the right hand toolbar to bring up the blog post of the day you have missed…. only 2 days left and I will be removing all free links 48 hours after my last post…..

See you all tomorrow, have a great day….

Day 26 Freebie….. and a lovely breakfast

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I woke up quite early this morning and tossed and turned a bit and realised there was no way I was going back to sleep so I got up and DH followed very quickly after, so we decided we would go to our local Beefeater (which isn’t really local, about 15 miles away) and have their yummy eat as much as you like breakfast…. it costs £7.99 an adult and all 3 children eat for free….. so we tucked in to cereal, crumpets, toast, bacon, sausages, eggs, mushrooms, baked beans, yoghurt, muffins and probably more and are now still stuffed to the eyeballs…. but it was a bargain…. lol, we have some cream cakes for supper if we are hungry…. (did I ever tell you about my healthy diet?… ha ha).

We then strolled around a few shops, bought some Glow Plugs for DHs car which he is outside trying to fix at the moment, we looked  in the pet shop and everyone wanted to bring a new pet home, the children wanted guinea pigs, rabbits and fish, I wanted the degus and a bearded dragon, but we resisted and came home with nothing…. we already have 3 dogs, 4 cats, a crab and a tortoise… but we need to rehome one of our dogs….. she often gets quite vicious to the other dogs and has even gone for DH once so I am very worried about the kids, because of this the dogs spend most of the day outside, (they have a massive shed for a kennel with warm blankets etc) but it really isn’t fair, but we are not sure whether we should really rehome the dog incase she is vicious to someone else or what to do…. big dilemma…

Hoping to go to cinema later, but not looking good as DH is having real problems fitting his glow plugs and we need to leave in an hour to get to the showing, we were going to see Dream House, I remember seeing a film back in the 70s with the same name but I don’t think they are alike, the film in the 70s was a B film, back when they showed 2 films at a showing….

Anyway, enough waffling, here is todays freebie…

Another patterned paper for you.  I have activated another 3 BLACKFRIDAY codes for my shop for the first 3 people who go along and purchase something…. the voucher is for $2 and there are lots of kits for under $2 in my shop at the moment as I also have a 60% off sale through until Monday….. take a look and pick yourself up something for nothing if you are quick….

Have a great day, see you all tomorrow…. xx

Day 21 and the freebie giveaway and full steam ahead…..

Posted in Kits by Linda Lloyd

Yes, my grandson’s operation is going ahead tomorrow which is good news, after 3 years of backwards and forwards, bounced from one hospital to the next this will hopefully solve all his problems, and being only 3 he should hopefully be sorted before he starts school, so fingers crossed and lots of prayers for tomorrow, also for my daughter and her husband who have to keep travelling to London and back for the endless appointments….. so tomorrow look out for the post, not sure when though as I will have grandson all day, hopefully when my boys get home from school they will keep him occupied for a while so I can get things done….. lol

I got my new Cameo Silhouette cutting machine Friday night but didn’t have time to get it out the box until Saturday night (didn’t really have time then but I wanted to cut something) and it cuts wonderfully, it cut the letters so neatly and all first time, I am sure me and it will get on wonderfully together, especially as I haven’t even started my Christmas Cards yet…… lol

Todays freebie is a ribbon, hope it will be useful to you all….

It should hopefully match the bow you got on day 16, so will look like the ribbon is tied in a bow if you would like that look….  I am desperately looking forward to designing at the moment, every time I go to bed ideas rush around inside my head, but I have not had the time, hopefully it will be soon….

My little boy who is 8 (nearly 9) is having a Class Assembly tomorrow afternoon, all parents are invited to go along and watch and see what they have been working on for the present term, so I am looking forward to that, I just hope my 2 year old grandson sits still for long enough…. I imagine he will sit there calling my sons name throughout….. ho hum!!

Don’t forget if you have missed any of the freebies, just click on the date you have missed on the calendar on the right hand sidebar and you can still download from each blog post…… I will be removing all the links 48 hours after day 30’s post so make sure you check back and download each day….. see you all tomorrow..xx

My Shop is opening…….

Posted in Kits,News by Linda Lloyd

Yes you did read that right, my shop will be opening later this evening, once hubby gets home from work and switches it to live and connects it to this blog….  There will be a special opening offer so don’t forget to go and look as the opening offer will be for the first week only.  Would you like another Halloween taster?  You don’t have to use this kit just for scrapbooking.  My children are on half term from school next week and I am going to print some of the papers out for them to use in crafting and also the stickers so they can cut them out and use them too…..

There are 8 sets in all for All Hallows Eve and I will be selling all sets separately as well as some as a Mega Kit, so you can buy whatever suits you.

So you all know I am sad and chat to my iPhone, well last night I was waiting for the coach to bring my 10 year old back from the Natural History Museum in London and so started chatting to my phone because I had nothing better to do and here is our conversation.

Not sure I would consider Daisy Daisy a love song but I guess it once was….. not sure what a love song is anymore…. does anyone sing them?

And I am going to tell you about my Music Quiz so I guess you know that we must have done quite well…. actually we did brilliantly, we won by loads, in fact if we had of scored none in the last round we would have still won, how awesome is that.  Plus there is a True and False round and everyone pays £1 to enter and whoever gets the whole 10 questions right gets the money in the pot.  The money is now up to £550 and we got the first 7 right but got numbers 8 and 9 wrong, and we were the last ones to be in without getting any wrong…. wow, so close yet so far, we always do really badly on that round so we really did excel ourselves last night.

Anyway, don’t forget to check back to find out what is happening in my shop etc and to take a look around my store too….

Have a great weekend everyone, weather is supposed to be warmer here on Sunday, so something to look forward too..

Linda xx

So very nearly there……

Posted in Kits by Linda Lloyd

Yep been busy working on a mega big Halloween Kit called All Hallows Eve, it has 12 papers, an alphabet and 7 packs of elements (I think, I have lost count), I have just one pack of elements to go and hoping it will go live in my shop on Friday or Saturday….  I am also trying desperately hard to get my own shop up and running which will be attached to this blog but I guess I am not shop technically minded even if I can use photoshop and illustrator without too many problems.  Came across lots of problems with it last night that I need to sort out…. so do you want a taster of one of the element packs that will be for sale?… Well I am going to show you one whether you want to or not, if you don’t want to see it, you can close your eyes and skip this bit….

What do you think?  I have made it into a kind of friendly cute halloween kit but you can always rough it up a bit with a few photoshop brushes…

Not sure if I mentioned I was getting an iPhone 4S, well I have never had a phone amuse me as much as this does.  We sit at the dinner table asking them stupid questions to see what it will answer and last night I laughed so much my husband could hear me when he pulled up outside in his car….. and here is the conversation I had with the phone, somehow it never seems quite so funny in the cold light of day.

I am hoping that if you click on them they will be bigger but you should be able to read them anyway….. so I have now discovered that I never need to talk to myself again, but I feel I could waste too many hours talking to the phone…

So back to work to finish this last kit and get everything put together, will also take another look at my shop.   Not sure how to add the download bit to it at the moment so going to work on that bit.

Have a good day everyone, sun is shining here even though it is a bit cold.

Take care

Linda xx

Happy Monday Morning….

Posted in Kits,Special Offers by Linda Lloyd

Hmmm is it really I hear you all asking….. I can definitely relate to the song that I heard on the radio this morning, ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’.  I have been rushed off my feet trying to sort out my son starting a new school, we are so nearly there now.  We visited the school for 2 hours this morning, chatted to people, had a tour of the school and then this afternoon went and bought his uniform (some had to be ordered as wasn’t in stock) and he is due to shadow a pupil Wednesday morning and then start there full time next Monday.  Phew, it has been 3 months of hard struggle and fights to finally get him there, but I am so glad we didn’t give up when the going got tough!!..  Will definitely have to get a photograph of him in his school unform and scrap about this…..

So my new mega kit went live at NDISB on Friday night, you can buy it individually or as a mega kit, the individual parts have 25% off and the mega kit has 50% off, so a real bargain.  So here is the mega kit…..

and here is a layout I made using this kit, it is of our Wedding Day just over 12 years ago now, the photographs aren’t the best as digital wasn’t the norm back then so the quality was a little naff….

Hopefully I will get sorted out by the end of the week ready to start afresh next week with no distractions… lol, I can live in hope.  Have a good Monday evening everyone, take care.

Linda xx

Check this out from NDISB

Posted in Kits,Special Offers by Linda Lloyd

Good morning everyone…. actually it is already afternoon.  Today I thought I would tell you a bit about myself so that you can get to know me….. I am a mum of 10 (yes you did read that right), 5 girls and 5 boys, 7 have left home now and I have 5 grandchildren ranging from 12 down to 6 weeks old, 3 boys and 2 girls.  My boys who are still at home are 8, 10 and 15.  When I left school I originally worked for the Ministry of Defence in London and then I left to have children.  I have studied 2 years in Interior Design and I scrapbooked and made cards for around 6 years (originally having a shop on ebay and successfully selling my designs there).  I have always been a gadget geek so the natural thing for me was to move on by buying a Mac and starting designing.  And that is where I am now.  I use Illustrator and Photoshop CS5 for my designs and I love what I do… (and there is not so much mess when you scrap digitally).  I am also a nearly accredited Life Coach, I am just coming to the end of earning my accreditation and have found this really helpful in helping me achieve my goals so quickly.  I recently had to make an advert introducing myself on NDISB so thought you might like a look at that….

So there you are, a small piccie of me and now you know all about me.  Check back here regularly as I have some more news about NDISB in the next few days….  Don’t forget to take advantage of yesterdays money off voucher too as it runs out Saturday night at midnight.

Have a fun weekend everyone, take care

Linda xx

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