Yes, it will soon be Christmas…. last day of freebie

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Yes, tomorrow you start opening your advent calendars and the countdown to Christmas begins…. just think, in a months time it will all be over and you will be looking forward to the New Year…. lol

So here is today’s freebie, its a bit special like promised….. its a WHOLE alphabet

Hope you like it….

Well yesterday and today I have been using my tumble dryer like mad…. boy have I missed it, and sod’s law it is nice and sunny out today so washing would probably have dried, unlike yesterday when the weather was dull and rainy.  Today my boys are off school due to a teachers strike so it is definitely a nice day for them to play out with their friends which makes a change as normally during the school holidays it rains most of the time….

Tomorrow I am releasing a new Digital Paper Kit, just a small one but I really like it so don’t forget to check back then to see what I have for you….

Take care and have a great day…. xx


Day 29 Freebie…. what am I going to do..

Posted in Kits by Linda Lloyd

When I have to think up original blog post titles again…….

I thought after posting my post yesterday that maybe you thought my little boy always looked muddy like that, so I am posting a photo today of him with his brother and dad, and he is definitely looking decidedly smarter….. lol

He is the smallest one and his hair was a lot shorter then too….. it is also shorter now…. lol

So today is day 29, nearly nearly there…. am busy putting all the freebies together to make up a kit at the moment….. todays freebie is a patterned paper….  there is something a bit special tomorrow as it is the last day so check back then, and don’t forget I will be removing all free links 48 hours after the last post….

After being told last Friday that my tumble dryer man wouldn’t be around to fix it until this Friday, there was a change of heart and he came round today, he has been sent from Devon (which is around 200 miles at least from here) for the week to cover for the man who is off sick…. and he has fixed everything, and whilst he was looking, just an offhand comment I made, made him look at my condenser part of the dryer which he said is warped and he will get a new one sent out to me, so really I have had nearly a whole new tumble dryer today apart from some of the outer casing….. can’t be bad, and it is working fine as I had washing lined up ready to dry….. ha ha

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow…. see you all then xx

Day 28, and my little boys birthday…..

Posted in Kits by Linda Lloyd

Well he isn’t quite so little anymore, he is 9 today and he wanted a DS game for his birthday so that is what we got him…. after a quick play before school he said… it is a bit difficult….. lol.  I am sure he will soon get the hang of it…. before school I asked him if there was anything special he would like cooked for dinner tonight as I always try to cook their favourite meal for them on their birthday, and he first of all asked for steak and chips, then changed his mind to McDonalds and then again to burger and chips, or should I have chicken nuggets and chips, for thankfully with a bit of help from his 10 year old brother he changed his mind yet again to steak and chips with onion rings please…. so that is what we have.  I also got him a birthday cake, they don’t really like those cakes that are themed and are jam and sugar filled, we tend to buy a gateau or something like that, but I found a Mississipi Mud Pie and thought he would love that…. maybe I should show you the photo of him in the summer after he had finished digging and watering my neighbours garden….

I’m not sure those clothes were ever the same after that…….

So today is day 28 freebie, 2 more left after today….. today I have got an overlay for you….. it doesn’t show up really well on the preview as I faded it out a bit, but download it and see what you think….

Actually you can hardly see it at all on here but it is much deeper in real life, I probably faded that out by at least 50%…..  you know the score, if you have missed any click on the calendar on the right hand toolbar to bring up the blog post of the day you have missed…. only 2 days left and I will be removing all free links 48 hours after my last post…..

See you all tomorrow, have a great day….

Day 26 Freebie….. and a lovely breakfast

Posted in Kits,Special Offers by Linda Lloyd

I woke up quite early this morning and tossed and turned a bit and realised there was no way I was going back to sleep so I got up and DH followed very quickly after, so we decided we would go to our local Beefeater (which isn’t really local, about 15 miles away) and have their yummy eat as much as you like breakfast…. it costs £7.99 an adult and all 3 children eat for free….. so we tucked in to cereal, crumpets, toast, bacon, sausages, eggs, mushrooms, baked beans, yoghurt, muffins and probably more and are now still stuffed to the eyeballs…. but it was a bargain…. lol, we have some cream cakes for supper if we are hungry…. (did I ever tell you about my healthy diet?… ha ha).

We then strolled around a few shops, bought some Glow Plugs for DHs car which he is outside trying to fix at the moment, we looked  in the pet shop and everyone wanted to bring a new pet home, the children wanted guinea pigs, rabbits and fish, I wanted the degus and a bearded dragon, but we resisted and came home with nothing…. we already have 3 dogs, 4 cats, a crab and a tortoise… but we need to rehome one of our dogs….. she often gets quite vicious to the other dogs and has even gone for DH once so I am very worried about the kids, because of this the dogs spend most of the day outside, (they have a massive shed for a kennel with warm blankets etc) but it really isn’t fair, but we are not sure whether we should really rehome the dog incase she is vicious to someone else or what to do…. big dilemma…

Hoping to go to cinema later, but not looking good as DH is having real problems fitting his glow plugs and we need to leave in an hour to get to the showing, we were going to see Dream House, I remember seeing a film back in the 70s with the same name but I don’t think they are alike, the film in the 70s was a B film, back when they showed 2 films at a showing….

Anyway, enough waffling, here is todays freebie…

Another patterned paper for you.  I have activated another 3 BLACKFRIDAY codes for my shop for the first 3 people who go along and purchase something…. the voucher is for $2 and there are lots of kits for under $2 in my shop at the moment as I also have a 60% off sale through until Monday….. take a look and pick yourself up something for nothing if you are quick….

Have a great day, see you all tomorrow…. xx

Sorry its late…. todays freebie

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Hi everyone, sorry todays freebie is late but I have been out all day, I went to visit my daughter who moved into her new house about a month ago and we took pizzas and coca cola and had lunch there, and watched the football in HD…. lol.

Todays freebie is here… it is a journalling strip so you can add journalling to your layouts, hope you like it…

The boys enjoyed their sleepover at the museum and I had a look around whilst waiting for them this morning… very interesting and even at my age I like playing with the interactive stuff….. lol

Hope to see you all tomorrow, I am having my grandson for the day whilst his brother goes to hospital for his pre-op appointment so not sure when I will get on, it will either be very early or late… lol

Take care..

I have been working very hard….

Posted in Kits by Linda Lloyd

And everything and more is all scheduled to go live tomorrow….. fingers crossed.

I have so very nearly finished my Halloween kit, just need to do the preview now and as an added bonus I have so very nearly finished setting up my new shop.  I will be putting my new Halloween Kit in my shop tomorrow sometime, just getting my hubby to check it over for me incase I have missed something and then when I have finished uploading all the files I need to link them to the kits for download and that will be it.  Look out for my new Halloween Mega Kit at 50% off in my shop for a limited time only, or only buy certain parts of the kit at 25% off too…. here is another taster of my kit….


This will be the Frames Set, hope you like it.

Me and hubby (well mainly hubby) have been running a Purpose Driven Life Course at our church for the last 5 or 6 weeks, and for the last 2 weeks we have all joined together on a Wednesday night and had such a laugh.   It is truly what church should be about, a bunch of happy people enjoying themselves, so just want to say a big thank you to everyone for coming along and sharing with us…..  wish I had of taken my camera now to record this and scrapbook about it, I did have my phone but didn’t think of it at the time, I was laughing too much, so I really need to get into the “photograph everything” mindset now that I have a phone that has an 8 mp camera……. in fact I think I will set myself a target of taking a photo a day for the next week (I can take more if I want too)…. lets see what happens.  Watch this space…..

Better get this show on the road and get this kit finished, it is music quiz night tonight so will be out all evening….. hmmm didn’t tell you where we came last week did I…. must mean we didn’t do too well… ha ha (we came fifth).

Take care, hope to see you back here soon.

Linda xx

So Quiet Here…. Luckily

Posted in Kits,Special Offers by Linda Lloyd

Good afternoon everyone, haven’t had a good start to the week really as I have had a splitting headache for 2 days now and no painkillers will get rid of it, not even the super strong prescription only ones, it even woke me up this morning as it was hurting so much, so finding it very hard to do anything really.  Son has gone off to school today for his shadowing day in preparation for his full time start on Monday and it is so quiet without him here, I think I like it though…. lol

I have been designing but mainly birthday cards that I need for the next month and they are not digital and a couple of digital kits for the Collaboration over at NDISB.  If you haven’t already signed up for the Newsletter and E-zine, go over there and do it as there are freebies in September’s Ezine that me and some other new designers have made, and also if you buy anything there and spend enough you can get the collaboration kit each month for free, and believe me it is absolutely massive, you are bound to find tons in each kit that you would love to use.  There are also Quick Pages and Clusters if you aren’t quite confident in digital scrapbooking yet.  There are also monthly competitions at in which you can earn credits towards your purchases, so credits for doing something you love cannot be bad can it….

So what can I show you today…… I know, the free kit I designed that you can get from the NDISB E-zine…. check it out.

And that is about all for today, grab a cup of coffee and browse NDISB or follow my links if you want something specific.  Introduce yourself over there, I would love to get to know you all….

Take care

Linda xx

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