Day 28, and my little boys birthday…..

Posted in Kits by Linda Lloyd

Well he isn’t quite so little anymore, he is 9 today and he wanted a DS game for his birthday so that is what we got him…. after a quick play before school he said… it is a bit difficult….. lol.  I am sure he will soon get the hang of it…. before school I asked him if there was anything special he would like cooked for dinner tonight as I always try to cook their favourite meal for them on their birthday, and he first of all asked for steak and chips, then changed his mind to McDonalds and then again to burger and chips, or should I have chicken nuggets and chips, for thankfully with a bit of help from his 10 year old brother he changed his mind yet again to steak and chips with onion rings please…. so that is what we have.  I also got him a birthday cake, they don’t really like those cakes that are themed and are jam and sugar filled, we tend to buy a gateau or something like that, but I found a Mississipi Mud Pie and thought he would love that…. maybe I should show you the photo of him in the summer after he had finished digging and watering my neighbours garden….

I’m not sure those clothes were ever the same after that…….

So today is day 28 freebie, 2 more left after today….. today I have got an overlay for you….. it doesn’t show up really well on the preview as I faded it out a bit, but download it and see what you think….

Actually you can hardly see it at all on here but it is much deeper in real life, I probably faded that out by at least 50%…..  you know the score, if you have missed any click on the calendar on the right hand toolbar to bring up the blog post of the day you have missed…. only 2 days left and I will be removing all free links 48 hours after my last post…..

See you all tomorrow, have a great day….

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