Super duper $1.00 Offer

Posted in Special Offers by Linda Lloyd

Wow you are asking, what is for sale at a Super Duper offer of $1.00.  Well it is everything in my shop until midnight tonight UK time, so will be earlier in the US, but should give you time to get hold of everything you want at this once only offer.  This means all the mega kits too, including my All Hallows Eve Mega Kit.  I made this layout using the Mega Kit….. what do you think?


Those boys look waaaaay too scary.  Their sister painted their faces for them and I think she did a really good job.

So how did we do last night in the Music Quiz….. actually we did real BADLY….. lol.  We only came 5th place, but we did get the most right in a row on the True and False round so won an extra bag of sweets…. do you really think I only go for the chocolate?  lol.

So get over to my shop and get those purchases for only $1.00 each…. Who knows I might even get around to posting tomorrow…

Take care

Linda xx


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