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So my shop opened on Friday night, and I have double discounted some items, all the items (except for the Mega Kits which already have 50% off) have been discounted again by 10%, which means across my shop there are discounts of 10%, 35% and 50%.  This is for a limited time only, the extra 10% off finishes on Friday 28 October.  And as an added bonus, everyone who places an order in my shop before then will also receive an email me from me with a 10% discount coupon which you can use up until the end of the year…… how good is that….  so just click on the store tab above and it will take you straight there.

Just wanted to let you know that at www.NDISB.com this week they are celebrating their 6th birthday and are having a week long fun fest.

There are competitions, prizes and lots of freebies.  If you play the treasure hunt where you click through the pages of the site and look for cupcakes, behind every cupcake is a freebie kit, if you find all the cupcakes you will end up with all of these….

Plus if you enter any of the competitions, at the end of the week all names will go into a big draw with lots of cool prizes up for grabs, so go along to www.NDISB.com now and join in the fun.

Have a great afternoon, its nice and sunny here, hope the weather is as good where you are.

Linda xx


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2 Responses to Lots of News today…

  1. Terrell says:

    Reached your blog through Google. You know I will be signing up to your feed.

  2. Kendrick says:

    Greetings I stumbled on your webpage by mistake when i was searching Google for this concern, I have to point out your blog is actually useful I also like the layout, its good!

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