I am back…… Happy New Year and 50% of at Digital Monsoon

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Hi everyone, I am sorry I have been absent for so  long, I was so busy with Christmas, having 10 children and also grandchildren means I have tons to buy and we also like to spend time over Christmas having days out, I would rather create memories with my children than buy them needless presents which get broken within weeks…. so that was what we did.  More on that tomorrow.

For today I thought I would show you the cards that I sent this Christmas, I very nearly didn’t make them myself as time was passing so quickly but I  know that some people look forward to my cards each year and I didn’t feel that I could disappoint them…. so here are 3 of the cards I sent….

And you know what, I cannot find the photograph of the third one….. which is a shame as it was very difficult to photograph as it had a glitter background.  If I come across it I will put it up later.  This year I really do intend to make 5 Christmas Cards a month ready for Christmas…. (yeah right!!).

So I am busily working on a new digi kit to be released next week, about time too, have been really slack and I have missed the designing bit, just wish Santa had brought me more hours in the day…. lol.

And a little bonus for you all, there is 50% off over my entire store until Sunday Night, so check it out and stock up for the new year and all the photos you have to scrap now that the holidays are over.

See you tomorrow…


Day 26 Freebie….. and a lovely breakfast

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I woke up quite early this morning and tossed and turned a bit and realised there was no way I was going back to sleep so I got up and DH followed very quickly after, so we decided we would go to our local Beefeater (which isn’t really local, about 15 miles away) and have their yummy eat as much as you like breakfast…. it costs £7.99 an adult and all 3 children eat for free….. so we tucked in to cereal, crumpets, toast, bacon, sausages, eggs, mushrooms, baked beans, yoghurt, muffins and probably more and are now still stuffed to the eyeballs…. but it was a bargain…. lol, we have some cream cakes for supper if we are hungry…. (did I ever tell you about my healthy diet?… ha ha).

We then strolled around a few shops, bought some Glow Plugs for DHs car which he is outside trying to fix at the moment, we looked  in the pet shop and everyone wanted to bring a new pet home, the children wanted guinea pigs, rabbits and fish, I wanted the degus and a bearded dragon, but we resisted and came home with nothing…. we already have 3 dogs, 4 cats, a crab and a tortoise… but we need to rehome one of our dogs….. she often gets quite vicious to the other dogs and has even gone for DH once so I am very worried about the kids, because of this the dogs spend most of the day outside, (they have a massive shed for a kennel with warm blankets etc) but it really isn’t fair, but we are not sure whether we should really rehome the dog incase she is vicious to someone else or what to do…. big dilemma…

Hoping to go to cinema later, but not looking good as DH is having real problems fitting his glow plugs and we need to leave in an hour to get to the showing, we were going to see Dream House, I remember seeing a film back in the 70s with the same name but I don’t think they are alike, the film in the 70s was a B film, back when they showed 2 films at a showing….

Anyway, enough waffling, here is todays freebie…

Another patterned paper for you.  I have activated another 3 BLACKFRIDAY codes for my shop for the first 3 people who go along and purchase something…. the voucher is for $2 and there are lots of kits for under $2 in my shop at the moment as I also have a 60% off sale through until Monday….. take a look and pick yourself up something for nothing if you are quick….

Have a great day, see you all tomorrow…. xx

Black Friday Offer……. and freebie giveaway….

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I hope you all had an awesome day yesterday….. lots of yummy food and good company…. and lets hope you took loads of photographs to scrap.

I am not in the best of moods…. my tumble dryer blew up last Tuesday, it started to make the most awful noise, I thought my neighbour was angle grinding and went to be nosey and realised it was my tumble dryer.  I turned it off and when I went to turn it back on it wouldn’t work, just an awful smell of the motor burning… lucky we have a breakdown insurance on it so we called Curry’s to arrange a visit.  The man came out very quickly, two days later actually which is within their guidelines, but where it says they can often fix it with the stock they carry on their vans, he couldn’t.  The motor had burnt out (is that really that unusual?)… so he said he would order a new motor, a new water collecting bottle as ours has leaked and rotted the floor underneath it (never realised until we pulled it out as it is right at the bottom), and the door catch has apparently snapped which I also hadn’t noticed.  He told me he would be back this Thursday or Friday.  DH rung them yesterday and they said that the repair man was supposed to have come yesterday (how was I supposed to have guessed that?) but that he was off sick and so no one would be coming until NEXT Friday….. WTH?  They have the bits so DH told them to send them to us and we would fit them, they wouldn’t….. so that is another week without a tumble dryer.  I must admit I have no washing line, everything goes in the dryer so with 3 boys and me and DH we have lots of washing to dry…. ho hum!!

So back today and I thought I would run a deal for Black Friday….. but first let me tell you about my Day 25 Freebie…. it is a Leaf Sprinkle…

I hope you like it, don’t forget if you have missed any all you need to do is click on the date you have missed on the calendar in the right hand sidebar and download from the appropriate blog post.  I will be removing all links 24 hours after Day 30 goes live, so make sure you keep up to date.

Right, Black Friday, I have a code BLACKFRIDAY that you can enter in the coupon code box in my shop and it will give you $2 off your purchase, or buy something for free….. and there is a lot in my shop at the moment that is under $2 as I have also reduced all items by 60% from today through to Monday….. but here is the catch, only 3 people can use the codes and then they will stop working…. so you need to be quick…. if they go quickly I may just post another offer, so keep checking my Facebook page for more details….

See you all tomorrow, hope you have a great day shopping…. xx


Super duper $1.00 Offer

Posted in Special Offers by Linda Lloyd

Wow you are asking, what is for sale at a Super Duper offer of $1.00.  Well it is everything in my shop until midnight tonight UK time, so will be earlier in the US, but should give you time to get hold of everything you want at this once only offer.  This means all the mega kits too, including my All Hallows Eve Mega Kit.  I made this layout using the Mega Kit….. what do you think?


Those boys look waaaaay too scary.  Their sister painted their faces for them and I think she did a really good job.

So how did we do last night in the Music Quiz….. actually we did real BADLY….. lol.  We only came 5th place, but we did get the most right in a row on the True and False round so won an extra bag of sweets…. do you really think I only go for the chocolate?  lol.

So get over to my shop www.digitalmonsoon.co.uk/shop and get those purchases for only $1.00 each…. Who knows I might even get around to posting tomorrow…

Take care

Linda xx

Lots of News today…

Posted in News,Special Offers by Linda Lloyd

So my shop opened on Friday night, and I have double discounted some items, all the items (except for the Mega Kits which already have 50% off) have been discounted again by 10%, which means across my shop there are discounts of 10%, 35% and 50%.  This is for a limited time only, the extra 10% off finishes on Friday 28 October.  And as an added bonus, everyone who places an order in my shop before then will also receive an email me from me with a 10% discount coupon which you can use up until the end of the year…… how good is that….  so just click on the store tab above and it will take you straight there.

Just wanted to let you know that at www.NDISB.com this week they are celebrating their 6th birthday and are having a week long fun fest.

There are competitions, prizes and lots of freebies.  If you play the treasure hunt where you click through the pages of the site and look for cupcakes, behind every cupcake is a freebie kit, if you find all the cupcakes you will end up with all of these….

Plus if you enter any of the competitions, at the end of the week all names will go into a big draw with lots of cool prizes up for grabs, so go along to www.NDISB.com now and join in the fun.

Have a great afternoon, its nice and sunny here, hope the weather is as good where you are.

Linda xx


It started out a lovely sunny Monday Morning….

Posted in Challenges,Special Offers by Linda Lloyd

but now the weather has changed and there are dark clouds ready to drop when I pick the boys up from school I guess.

So have you downloaded the new freebie of All Hallows Eve, I am still working on the full kit, but hopefully it will be available soon on NDISB.

Also on NDISB starting next week is a full week of fun and games to celebrate their 6th Year Birthday, how exciting is that, plenty to join in with.


Also if you would like to become one of my Creative Team, and receive each of my kits free before they hit the stores then drop me an email at LindaLloyd@gmx.net.  All I ask in return is 2 layouts using each kit, or a hybrid project and you post it on your blog or another forum linking back to my store….. easy peasy.

Have a great afternoon and hope the weather is good where you are.

Take care

Linda xx

So Quiet Here…. Luckily

Posted in Kits,Special Offers by Linda Lloyd

Good afternoon everyone, haven’t had a good start to the week really as I have had a splitting headache for 2 days now and no painkillers will get rid of it, not even the super strong prescription only ones, it even woke me up this morning as it was hurting so much, so finding it very hard to do anything really.  Son has gone off to school today for his shadowing day in preparation for his full time start on Monday and it is so quiet without him here, I think I like it though…. lol

I have been designing but mainly birthday cards that I need for the next month and they are not digital and a couple of digital kits for the Collaboration over at NDISB.  If you haven’t already signed up for the Newsletter and E-zine, go over there and do it as there are freebies in September’s Ezine that me and some other new designers have made, and also if you buy anything there and spend enough you can get the collaboration kit each month for free, and believe me it is absolutely massive, you are bound to find tons in each kit that you would love to use.  There are also Quick Pages and Clusters if you aren’t quite confident in digital scrapbooking yet.  There are also monthly competitions at www.NDISB.com in which you can earn credits towards your purchases, so credits for doing something you love cannot be bad can it….

So what can I show you today…… I know, the free kit I designed that you can get from the NDISB E-zine…. check it out.

And that is about all for today, grab a cup of coffee and browse NDISB or follow my links if you want something specific.  Introduce yourself over there, I would love to get to know you all….

Take care

Linda xx

Happy Monday Morning….

Posted in Kits,Special Offers by Linda Lloyd

Hmmm is it really I hear you all asking….. I can definitely relate to the song that I heard on the radio this morning, ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’.  I have been rushed off my feet trying to sort out my son starting a new school, we are so nearly there now.  We visited the school for 2 hours this morning, chatted to people, had a tour of the school and then this afternoon went and bought his uniform (some had to be ordered as wasn’t in stock) and he is due to shadow a pupil Wednesday morning and then start there full time next Monday.  Phew, it has been 3 months of hard struggle and fights to finally get him there, but I am so glad we didn’t give up when the going got tough!!..  Will definitely have to get a photograph of him in his school unform and scrap about this…..

So my new mega kit went live at NDISB on Friday night, you can buy it individually or as a mega kit, the individual parts have 25% off and the mega kit has 50% off, so a real bargain.  So here is the mega kit…..

and here is a layout I made using this kit, it is of our Wedding Day just over 12 years ago now, the photographs aren’t the best as digital wasn’t the norm back then so the quality was a little naff….

Hopefully I will get sorted out by the end of the week ready to start afresh next week with no distractions… lol, I can live in hope.  Have a good Monday evening everyone, take care.

Linda xx

Check this out from NDISB

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Good morning everyone…. actually it is already afternoon.  Today I thought I would tell you a bit about myself so that you can get to know me….. I am a mum of 10 (yes you did read that right), 5 girls and 5 boys, 7 have left home now and I have 5 grandchildren ranging from 12 down to 6 weeks old, 3 boys and 2 girls.  My boys who are still at home are 8, 10 and 15.  When I left school I originally worked for the Ministry of Defence in London and then I left to have children.  I have studied 2 years in Interior Design and I scrapbooked and made cards for around 6 years (originally having a shop on ebay and successfully selling my designs there).  I have always been a gadget geek so the natural thing for me was to move on by buying a Mac and starting designing.  And that is where I am now.  I use Illustrator and Photoshop CS5 for my designs and I love what I do… (and there is not so much mess when you scrap digitally).  I am also a nearly accredited Life Coach, I am just coming to the end of earning my accreditation and have found this really helpful in helping me achieve my goals so quickly.  I recently had to make an advert introducing myself on NDISB so thought you might like a look at that….

So there you are, a small piccie of me and now you know all about me.  Check back here regularly as I have some more news about NDISB in the next few days….  Don’t forget to take advantage of yesterdays money off voucher too as it runs out Saturday night at midnight.

Have a fun weekend everyone, take care

Linda xx

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