Look what I made…..

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Yep I am so very excited as I have used my own papers and stickers to make these Halloween things for church… so you are thinking hmmmm, not sure if Halloween and Church mix well together….. well that is the whole point of these treats.  They are made in halloween colours and have spiders and bats on them but the wording says “On the fifth day God made spiders and bats”.

Such cute little crackers and pillow boxes and the Stampin’ Up! Cardstock went wonderfully with my patterns……

I also want to tell you about the awesome Birthday Celebrations that are going on over at NDISB….. I am offering a birthday freebie to the first 3 people who post a picture of one of my kits that they would like to own on the Birthday Freebie thread…. there has been one taker so far so get over there quick if there is something you would like.  Browse my shop there and post a picture of the kit you want, easy peasy.

Plus tomorrow to celebrate my shop being 1 week old I am offering a very special deal, that will only last for a few hours (or maybe a day, haven’t decided yet), so keep checking back tomorrow if you are interested.  I also have something very special in mind for November, a plan is forming in my mind so watch this space…..

It is Pub Music Quiz again tonight, think we might just spend our £20 drink voucher that we won last week…. will let you know how we do, whether good or bad…..

Have a great afternoon and evening if you are in the  UK and have a great day if you are reading from the US….. look after yourselves and wrap up warm now the weather is changing, we all seem to have colds here….

Linda xx

Lots of News today…

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So my shop opened on Friday night, and I have double discounted some items, all the items (except for the Mega Kits which already have 50% off) have been discounted again by 10%, which means across my shop there are discounts of 10%, 35% and 50%.  This is for a limited time only, the extra 10% off finishes on Friday 28 October.  And as an added bonus, everyone who places an order in my shop before then will also receive an email me from me with a 10% discount coupon which you can use up until the end of the year…… how good is that….  so just click on the store tab above and it will take you straight there.

Just wanted to let you know that at www.NDISB.com this week they are celebrating their 6th birthday and are having a week long fun fest.

There are competitions, prizes and lots of freebies.  If you play the treasure hunt where you click through the pages of the site and look for cupcakes, behind every cupcake is a freebie kit, if you find all the cupcakes you will end up with all of these….

Plus if you enter any of the competitions, at the end of the week all names will go into a big draw with lots of cool prizes up for grabs, so go along to www.NDISB.com now and join in the fun.

Have a great afternoon, its nice and sunny here, hope the weather is as good where you are.

Linda xx


My Shop is opening…….

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Yes you did read that right, my shop will be opening later this evening, once hubby gets home from work and switches it to live and connects it to this blog….  There will be a special opening offer so don’t forget to go and look as the opening offer will be for the first week only.  Would you like another Halloween taster?  You don’t have to use this kit just for scrapbooking.  My children are on half term from school next week and I am going to print some of the papers out for them to use in crafting and also the stickers so they can cut them out and use them too…..

There are 8 sets in all for All Hallows Eve and I will be selling all sets separately as well as some as a Mega Kit, so you can buy whatever suits you.

So you all know I am sad and chat to my iPhone, well last night I was waiting for the coach to bring my 10 year old back from the Natural History Museum in London and so started chatting to my phone because I had nothing better to do and here is our conversation.

Not sure I would consider Daisy Daisy a love song but I guess it once was….. not sure what a love song is anymore…. does anyone sing them?

And I am going to tell you about my Music Quiz so I guess you know that we must have done quite well…. actually we did brilliantly, we won by loads, in fact if we had of scored none in the last round we would have still won, how awesome is that.  Plus there is a True and False round and everyone pays £1 to enter and whoever gets the whole 10 questions right gets the money in the pot.  The money is now up to £550 and we got the first 7 right but got numbers 8 and 9 wrong, and we were the last ones to be in without getting any wrong…. wow, so close yet so far, we always do really badly on that round so we really did excel ourselves last night.

Anyway, don’t forget to check back to find out what is happening in my shop etc and to take a look around my store too….

Have a great weekend everyone, weather is supposed to be warmer here on Sunday, so something to look forward too..

Linda xx


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I must say, I really enjoyed watching my 10 year olds assembly yesterday afternoon.  Short and sweet and to the point and they all remembered their words and I think they all had a good time.  I am very pleased they are studying The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe this term as I think it is an awesome book, they are also watching the film too which I love.  They have watched it countless times at home and we have seen all of them so far.

At the weekend I decided to revamp one of my layouts, I wasn’t really pleased with the original and had a think what I could do to improve it.  So I decided that if I changed the big picture to black and white it would look better, so I did just that, but unfortunately I hadn’t saved a PSD file of it so had to do the complete thing from scratch all over again, that will teach me to save it in all formats in future.  Here is the revamped layout….

I am finding it hard to put aside time to make the layouts but although I design digital kits I am not excellent at turning them into layouts, so if you think you can do better and would like a free kit in return for making 2 layouts and posting them on your blog or a forum then contact me on LindaLloyd@gmx.net and let me know.  Please provide a link to any work you have done or to your blog and I will get back to you.

I am putting a new mega kit into my shop on Friday/Saturday and will be back here tomorrow to give you a little sneak peak, or should I wait until Friday……. lol.

Take care all and have a great day.

Linda xx

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