Black Friday Offer……. and freebie giveaway….

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I hope you all had an awesome day yesterday….. lots of yummy food and good company…. and lets hope you took loads of photographs to scrap.

I am not in the best of moods…. my tumble dryer blew up last Tuesday, it started to make the most awful noise, I thought my neighbour was angle grinding and went to be nosey and realised it was my tumble dryer.  I turned it off and when I went to turn it back on it wouldn’t work, just an awful smell of the motor burning… lucky we have a breakdown insurance on it so we called Curry’s to arrange a visit.  The man came out very quickly, two days later actually which is within their guidelines, but where it says they can often fix it with the stock they carry on their vans, he couldn’t.  The motor had burnt out (is that really that unusual?)… so he said he would order a new motor, a new water collecting bottle as ours has leaked and rotted the floor underneath it (never realised until we pulled it out as it is right at the bottom), and the door catch has apparently snapped which I also hadn’t noticed.  He told me he would be back this Thursday or Friday.  DH rung them yesterday and they said that the repair man was supposed to have come yesterday (how was I supposed to have guessed that?) but that he was off sick and so no one would be coming until NEXT Friday….. WTH?  They have the bits so DH told them to send them to us and we would fit them, they wouldn’t….. so that is another week without a tumble dryer.  I must admit I have no washing line, everything goes in the dryer so with 3 boys and me and DH we have lots of washing to dry…. ho hum!!

So back today and I thought I would run a deal for Black Friday….. but first let me tell you about my Day 25 Freebie…. it is a Leaf Sprinkle…

I hope you like it, don’t forget if you have missed any all you need to do is click on the date you have missed on the calendar in the right hand sidebar and download from the appropriate blog post.  I will be removing all links 24 hours after Day 30 goes live, so make sure you keep up to date.

Right, Black Friday, I have a code BLACKFRIDAY that you can enter in the coupon code box in my shop and it will give you $2 off your purchase, or buy something for free….. and there is a lot in my shop at the moment that is under $2 as I have also reduced all items by 60% from today through to Monday….. but here is the catch, only 3 people can use the codes and then they will stop working…. so you need to be quick…. if they go quickly I may just post another offer, so keep checking my Facebook page for more details….

See you all tomorrow, hope you have a great day shopping…. xx


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