Been away for a while….

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Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t been around for a long time in December I became ill and ever since then the doctors have been trying to find out what is wrong with me, they now think it is ME. My brain is often a fuddled mess and it takes a bit to concentrate, but thankfully, I am on a regime of natural remedies and am starting to feel a bit better so am trying to become more motivated.

I have been making a few things, I am trying to do something positive each day and things are starting to look a bit brighter for me. I have been taking photographs of my makes and will get around to putting some on here. Some are just blatant copies of other peoples work as sometimes that is the best I can do, but other things are all my own work!!

I have recently entered a digital scrapbooking design competition over on Jessica Sprague’s website and have made it through to the semi-final (which I think is quite an achievement already). The winner will have their design professionally printed and turned into a proper kit.

However if I am to go any further in the competition I need people to vote for my design – which is where you, my friends, can help. If you can spare just a few seconds of your time to register for the forum and vote for my design I would really, really appreciate it. You can find a link to my design here:

And if you can get your friends to vote for me, that would be very cool ;) Thanks for your help!

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